I’m getting marrrrried!!!

I got engaged on Saturday!  I’m very, very excited!  Got my nails done today…isn’t it SO pretty?!?!


My nails may look pretty but I hate them 😦 Too long and annoying! boo! So an upcoming wedding means I need to drop 30-40lbs ASAP!  I’m sure I’ll be eating lots of tuna.  Today for lunch I made my fav tuna salad.  Tuna, low fat miracle whip, apple, egg white, spicy mustard.  I ate it with 1 1/2 corn tortillas that I baked in the oven w/ cooking spray and sea salt.

so delish! I could eat this every day! and i just might for the next year! 😉 I decided to have my lunch w/ a glass of Cab. because I had a procedure done to my eyes yesterday and I’m in lots of pain.  It was the PERFECT lunch! 🙂

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