Chick and Broc stir fry

Had a semi-great work out tonight.  Started my running interval training.  Did some cardio on eliptical and 40 min w/ my trainer.  I gave out 20 min early.  Pretty sure I’m getting a kidney infection 😦 so sad!  Came home to make a delicious meal though.  Made my Mom’s chick and broc stir fry

Get a pan SEARING hot w/ olive oil. Once the oil is smoking,  dump in the broc and then pour on the spices.  Red pepper flakes, onion flakes, garlic, LEMON PEPPER (which I forgot for the picture) and hot shot.  Let the broc blacken and then put some cooked chicken in the mix…

Top w/ a little cheese….easy and delish!!!!!!!  I had mine over a small amount of brown rice.  Trainer said I had to have carbs in my diet. 😦 so i will give in a LITTLE.


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