Healthy eating, this is NOT!

Drew and I had a little road trip this weekend.  We went to Waco to see UT play Baylor.  It was an EARLY game so I got up early to make breakfast tacos.  These are a tradition and mandatory for any road trip.  They are AMAZING…bacon, onion, jalapeno, obrien potatoes, cheese, eggs.


I also made some rice krispie treats for the trip…because why not?! 🙂IMG_1378

Game was fun!  We had great seats, minus the idiot who was sitting behind us.  He kept yelling about how Texas just needs to get it together.  His face was bright red from yelling constantly. annnoyyyying.


Once we got back to Austin we were pretty hungry so we went to Wings To Go.  Oh my goodness!!!!!!!  They put all other wing places to shame.  the best wings i’ve ever had! I got the Cajun and Honey Mustard.  IMG_1387

Today I started my low/no carb diet.  I’ll do it for a month or so before I go back to my veggie fast.  After this weekend I need a BREAK from the carbs!

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